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Name:Detective Donald Flack, Jr.
Stella: In a mansion like that, it's always the butler. Didn't you ever play Clue?
Flack: I was a Monopoly guy.

Flack is a homicide detective with the NYPD, known for both his dry wit and his determination to hunt down suspects (even to the point of chasing them down alleys and over rooftops). He was mentored by another cop, Gavin Moran, whom he is later forced to arrest after it comes to light that Moran concealed evidence during the course of an investigation. He is at least a second-generation cop; Moran mentioned having worked with Don, Sr. as well. He is both a colleague and a friend to the members of the New York Crime Lab. After Stella Bonasera is attacked in her apartment by her unstable boyfriend, Flack gently helps her through when he comes to the hospital to take her statement. His friendship with Mac Taylor is tested when Taylor uncovers evidence that one of Flack's men is a dirty cop and asks Don to turn over his memo notebook to prove it. Though Flack eventually capitulates, their relationship is a bit tense for a some time after. Flack defends Taylor to Captain Gerrard, who is investigating Sheldon Hawkes, the prime suspect in a robbery-homicide, after Taylor locks himself in the interrogation room with Sheldon. Flack affirms that Gerrard would do the same for him. He is also close to Danny Messer, attempting to offer him some sound advice when it appears that Danny accidentally kills an undercover officer. It is also assumed that Danny and Flack spend some of their downtime together as friends. In the very first episode Season 1, episode 1 Danny is exiting an interrogation room and casually says to Don "Hoops on Saturday, Flack. Don't forget" then are seen together at a basketball game. They also meet up for drinks and pool and have a heart-to-heart talk about their jobs and why they do what they do.

Mutual interest between Flack and Detective Jessica Angell was hinted at. This was finally proven when they kissed briefly. The professionalism of their relationship was questioned while Flack was under investigation by Internal Affairs. Their relationship continues to deepen into a mature, stable partnership.

Flack is devastated when Angell is shot and killed. His grief over her murder causes him to shoot her killer in cold blood when he finds the shooter alone. The shooting is never questioned, but his grooming and appearance have since suffered; he shows up to work in sweatshirts and jeans, as opposed to his usual ties, dress shirts, and sport coats, and Stella notices that he has stopped shaving. When Cliff, Angell's father runs into him at the station one day, he comments that he hadn't seen Flack since Angell's funeral. Cliff invites Flack over to his home for dinner on what would have been Jess' birthday. Flack accepts the invitation, but is unable to let himself join the festivities; after sitting in his car outside the Angell home for a few minutes, he drives away without anyone in the house knowing that he had been there. Flack spirals down yet further, drinking alone, and occasionally taking random women to bed. It takes an unwitting rescue by one of his old informants, while Flack is intoxicated, to begin to bring him to his senses. He is shown to be back in command of himself, as sharp as ever, much to the relief of his friends and colleagues.

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